Friday, 28 October 2011

An Open Letter

Dear scientists who study gender issues,

Please find out why my whole body aches to be female, even though my mind has been wired like a regular male. It puzzles me that there has been no credible study on this issue thus far.

That is all.



  1. Great to see you back in action, Sarah.

    I feel your aching, permeating through cyberspace from this crisp plea.

    The why of it all is a mystery. Have you got any ideas?

    Deborah x

  2. I'm always here, though usually lurking silently. I tend to think this whole thing is just some kind of genetic variation, though I don't really buy the simplistic "woman in a man's body" concept, rather I suspect there's three separate issues; one being one's gender personality, another being one's body gender preference and another being one's sexual preference, with all of course being hardwired at some level in the brain and overlapping each other in how they affect or influence the others.

    I think classic TG girls have both of the first aspects switched toward female and most also have the sexual preference aspect switched towards male, but AGPs have the body aspect switched towards female, the personality aspect sitting somewhere between neutral and male and the sexual preference aspect usually switched towards female. My guess is that the attraction to women somehow combines with the female body preference to create a hybrid sexual attraction (i.e. towards one's self as a woman) and that the female body preference is somewhat stronger than the female sexual preference, hence the conscious willingness to ignore one's sexual preference for women in order to affirm one's body preference for being female.

    I know personally if I were able to somehow get a female body, I'd want to try and be heterosexual as a female and would hope that the new female body would be wired to want that, but as a male, I'd never want to be with a man. It's not something I've ever fantasized about or wanted.

  3. A major problem among forms of "autoerotic" fetishism(fetishes of which the relation-to-self is functions intrinsically), is the tendency to internalize of the object of arousal, which is in our case is the positive feedback loop in the feminization of self, due to its connection with arousal and relief etc.